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10 Years

Wrightson & Platt


In addition to the store concept Camouflage in conjunction with graphic design consultant Emma Bristow were asked to design additional elements including way finding devices to enable customers to better understand the brand and to showcase their offer to both customers and passers-by, particularly at night.

The relief frame emphasizes the bespoke nature of the work and opens up the extent of the offer. A walnut box with a bevelled edge, it has a bespoke fret cut acrylic graphic. There are four of these placed through out the store to denote the changing products within the store. These highlight the expertise of the company discussing bespoke jewellery, life casting, artwork and gifts and momentos.

The theatre frame provides the solution to showcase the range of the Wrightson & Platt offering unable to be viewed in a store context and houses an Ipad. It is a clever play on the Victoriana bringing in today’s multichannel offer.  The frame sees a graphic placed on acrylic to continue the Victorian references prevalent throughout the store.

The walnut box is designed with a sliding door mechanism to allow the changing of the battery pack. Like other details to the Wrightson & Platt showroom it is a seamless and invisible design mechanism reflecting the client’s eye for detail.

Wrightson & Platt were looking to showcase their offer to passers-by, especially night time customers. Camouflage, in conjunction with Emma Bristow, were asked to create a visual merchandising device on a dedicated display table.

Wyvern Bindery were commissioned to produce a one off large leather bound book incorporating hand finished gilt edges, block lettering and personalised ribbons reflecting the bespoke sumptuous feel of the store. The book features ‘tipped’ in photographs and a message which allows for flexibility and builds up a lovely story. Further pages can be added when a change of message is required thus presenting another chapter.


Wrightson & Platt
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