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Wrightson & Platt

Wrightson & Platt – Showroom Concept

Working from the brand’s core values, our first step was to find a contextual environment to place the Wrightson & Platt brand. Extensive location work was carried out and Oak Hill, London was chosen as it captured that balance of domestic luxury. The inspiration was open, light and Gustavian white. This highlighted the brands aesthetic: an eclectic quirky Britishness in its mixture of ideas and styles with domestic contextualisation being thought provoking and original.

The personalization of the space had to stem from a distinctive style, which we took reference from luxury Parisian boutique hotels with bespoke wallpaper. The wallpaper set the tone using a trompe d’oeil of Victorian intricately engraved wooden paneling and embellishments. Working closely with W&P’s chosen creative consultant Emma Bristow, we selected items that were personal to the client and that could be integrated into the illustrations such as acorns, kestrels and peas in pods. Richard Phipps, renowned illustrator for his Victorian style then meticulously drew each wallpaper drop by hand and at 1:1, to ensure that all the detail could be seen at real size. The process took over 6 full intense weeks to complete then spliced together over 2 weeks to ensure that there was a seamless story! The illustrative style had been the platform for the whole branding language; so some of the showroom elements were integrated into other marketing communication pieces and in-store graphics. One of the piece de resistance was Lincoln, the head office’s prized whippet sat attentive next to the mantelpiece.

The furniture was also designed to reference an elegant domestic English country home with an elegant and surreal twist. As Alex Keane Managing Director at Camouflage says: “The furniture needed to not overshadow the product but showcase it; they needed to be works of art with a contemporary attention to detail; they needed to be lightweight and intricate to express the very nature of the brand; they needed to be truly unique and engaging.”

Patinated bronze, the material used so widely by Wrightson & Platt was a necessary reference point to incorporate into the concept. Extensive research and tests were made into appropriate complimentary substrates to showcase it – resulting in the selection of the luxurious walnut. By taking a classic design furniture form and experimenting with a unique shifted wedge, each individual component from the tripods to feature tables and the mantelpieces have all taken the same house style. Working with specialist cabinet makers, Noble Russell, we were to capitalise on their exacting quality and standards to create pieces of furniture not seen before. The results are delicate, precise and elegant furniture pieces.

In addition to the show case furniture, there are 2 additional bespoke cabinets – the consultation cabinet and the beverage station. With the tight nature of the space, a beverage station was essential to house all the products necessary to entertain clients in the space. Everything is on the reveal as the wallpaper clads the external faces of all these two units making them almost invisible. The doors and drawers then seamlessly open with a touch giving an exclusive feel of seamless luxury.

The beverage station incorporates an amazing door mechanism which folds away on itself to reveal a purpose built refreshment facility from fresh water, coffee, teas, and chinaware. Every drawer, cupboard, space has been designed bespoke to house an item. As attention to detail is paramount all these items have all been hand-sourced from English craftspeople by Camouflage to best suit the brand values: crockery from Andrew Tanner design; cutlery from Studio William; even the tea sourced from the London Tea Company and Yorkshire Tea Gold collection – with dedicated display boxes for customers to choose from. All these items are set into the drawers using bespoke foam inlays from specialists, Paulamar. Equally the consultation cabinet is bespoke to the millimeter – each drawer has a function, it reveals something special, whether jewellery, packaging, stationery or additional product.

As in any retail environment lighting is essential and within the space there was a need for a truly exceptional refined scheme.  After an exhaustive research, we sourced EDEN lights from Belgium; elegant and refined with excellent light curves to showcase the products. In addition focus lighting was essential to illuminate the beauty and craftsmanship of the life sculpture products.  Camouflage designed bespoke lights fittings made by bronze specialists, Classic Marine to be placed on to one of the bespoke tripods. 
Additional lighting was sourced from specialist vintage lighting Felix Lighting for the focus lighting tripods and the office desk.

W&P impressed upon Camouflage to search out and champion British companies to partner with for complimentary furniture items. Camouflage commissioned young furniture company Dare Studio to make the high back sofa and the office desk.  Their style was in keeping with the overall feel of the store and their values of English craftsmanship with their contemporary bias fitted seamlessly into the design concept.

Every furniture item is considered from the office wall unit with suspended walnut boxes set within a patinated bronze frame to the unusual take on the Jean Prouve chair design classic. Classic Marine, bronze specialists, cast half of it in bronze in itself another reflection of Wrightson & Platt’s key principles: cast product and design classic.

The style effortlessly accompanies the products, whilst incorporating tradition with lightness, openness and carefully considering the standards of materials and luxury with craftsmanship. Something refreshingly unique and engaging.



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