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10 Years


Vertu commissioned us to create display and pos systems for their new phone to exude the quality and craft of Vertu’s product through our display solutions.

Vertu has a very distinctive and considered brand identity. The endorsement mark has beenengineered exactly. The black has the depth as the emphasis colour and the distinctive Liquid Metal amorphous alloy with it being twice as hard as stainless steel define a strong brand palette to work with.

We looked at a suite of components from branded text bridges, leaflet holders and presentation trays, which would be used throughout the world in retail outlets. The trays, for example, were engineered to present the phones, so all phone profiles were carefully measured and the gradient and concealed lip were designed accordingly.

We used the finest leather for the whole of the presentation tray with the logo embossed on to the lip. Brushed stainless steel edges were used with counter sunk screws to reflect the back of the phones.

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