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10 Years


The brief was to establish a new fun and light store bursting with merchandise and choice. Working with the inherited Mr Dunwoody – Trotters infamous branded pig, Camouflage set about making reference to situations Mr Dunwoody might find himself; train driver, tailor, policeman. In addition, the store concept had to ensure full space optimisation for the product merchandising.

Grabbing children and adult’s attention alike was paramount to the success of the concept. Planning began with store perspectives at both 2’3” and 5’6” to allow us to put aside traditional retail design approaches to vistas and circulation. The shoe department and hairdressing areas were going to be the two main focuses to the store to encourage both parents and children to enjoy the whole of the store.

The store successfully created a three-tier perimeter merchandise system along with dedicated themed displays within the shoe department and around the cash desk area. A neutral palette was used on ply-based gondola units to allow the children’s merchandise and products to shine through

Branding Communication, Furniture, Store Concepts, Visual Merchandising
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