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10 Years

Rob London

One of the most interesting projects that Camouflage has undertaken working alongside Bart, Kevin and Andy from Rob Europe to create their flagship store concept in their London store in Wells Street.

The two-floored space wanted to have 2 distinct languages, which would be linked together some core items. The ground floor space had Georgian columns and cornice details, which they wanted to use with a twist. The overall feel to the complete concept wanted to be very industrial, distressed iron warehouse/ Alcatraz styled prison. The ground floor wanted to have a clean industrial warehouse direction, using galvanized metal plate, RSJs metal framed systems to appear almost department store with a twist. The floor would be a mixture of concrete and heavy-duty black rubber with a special metal door feature.

The basement was to be the complete antithesis of the ground floor, by being a S&M styled prison, with cages, suspended St Andrew’s crosses, prison doors and a caged workshop viewing their fetishwear production. The changing rooms would be tiled caged spaces where customers could try on and put their leatherwear to the test through use of shackles and pulleys.

Rob London
Branding Communication, Store Concepts, Visual Merchandising
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