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10 Years


The initial brief with Radley was to create a flagship store for the Radley brand with real high street presence whilst being cutting edge, fashionable and fun.  Initial concept looking at lines of light and optical illusion. The idea with the Radley store was to grab attention by tricking the eye through transient perspectives and illusions.

Creating an actual model gave us the understanding of how the lines of light idea would work in reality.  The final product a clean, sharp and elegant shop evolvingthe original flagship store concept to fit in with the local retail environment. Located at the prime location of No1 SMS, the store presented an interesting scheme of being balanced by the windows on a long façade but very shallow within a 58sq.m net space.

The importance of evolving the concept to keep it fresh directed the colour palette for the façade. With the concept adaptations made for the Kings Road and Floral Street, many furniture pieces were value engineered for the final time for the launch of this new flagship store.

The awnings were coloured to a duck egg to move away from the traditional black framing, to bring a more feminine edge. The white flooring was replaced for a black flooring to bring more intensity. The brand ‘porcelain’ monolith was developed from the Floral Street concept, which used as an anchor piece. The gondolas also were finalised from the Floral Street concept and are now also used as the Radley signature for all stores.

Moving forward Radley required a high end store for the Radley brand to have standout within the highly competitive Westfield London shopping centre. We maintained our lines of light concept whilst expanding the luggage and accessories area. We also added the ‘goalpost’ feature that divides display at the front of the store and increased volume in the body of the store.

Liaising with both the client and Westfield, we worked together to keep the existing concept and consistency whilst making it unique to Westfield.

The store is open and beautiful with the line of light cutting elegantly through the high glass frontage; it is also very practical dividing display from volume.

Radley had been sourcing international partners to assist with their international exposure. U.A.E has been a hot target for Radley for a number of years so the recent partnering allowed Radley to plan their first store in the prestigious Wafi City shopping mall.

From the flagship store concept, the high-end material specifications were maintained for the concept roll out in the Middle East due to the high expectations of the customer base. The store used indulgent materials. Back painted white and black glass returned to the gondolas and cash desk, mother of pearl for the merchandising feature unit and high gloss pearlescent paint for the wall units.

Camouflage liaised with the Radley franchise partner’s in-house project manager to prepare a detailed drawing pack, which was given directly to their contractors to build. From this the store was created remotely with their contractor’s management and our sign off of all drawings. 1 additional store has been added to Radley’s portfolio in the Middle East using the same model.

The graphic retail elements resulted in the the eye-catching and iconic classic black and white retail bags, receipt envelopes and labels.

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