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10 Years


With over 400 stores in 16 countries prenatal specialize in products for mothers to be and children. Prenatal is Europe’s ‘Mothercare’ equivalent, part of Italian group Artsana, stocking a wide variety of brands including its own label and sister brand Chicco. They have over 400 stores across 16 countries specialising in products for mothers/ mums-to- be and children. They aim to be a ‘total service provider’ with a caring image.

Camouflage in conjunction with their Italian partner Ispira, have been working with Prenatal to create a bold, simple window merchandising display system with a clear message using emotionally engaging realistic scenarios that entice the customer into the store from flagship store through to smaller franchise formats.

Multi-functional furniture was designed to sit alongside mannequins in lifelike stories supported by playful graphics. Inheriting the new brand guidelines, Camouflage developed the aesthetic and created a practical and applicable house style to work alongside their incumbent campaign agency.

We also worked with the buying and merchandising team to develop a dovetailed approach to merchandising ensuring that the collections can be communicated in the best way. Whether best sellers, lead-in products or promotional specials each gets the best position in the window with the correct campaign message.

The main focus of the brief was to create a coherent window display that clearly communicated the message -either promotions, best sellers or new season products. It was important to keep the windows playful and inspiring to mothers, mothers to be and children alike. A series of realistic scenarios and mannequin positions were the launch pad for the design  personalized, considered and playful display

The design is a multifunctional piece of transforming furniture that has secret magnetic panels and hidden storage, allowing a multitude of possibilities throughout the ever-changing seasons Vinyls and graphic panels can be easily inter-changed making the display even more adaptable.  Origanally window graphics in fresh spring colours were applied as vinyls, but as can be seen here from the images of the Oct 2012 Campaign the system adapts easily.


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