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10 Years


To work with the in- house VM and 3D team to create high-end creative window displays per season

Putting the project into context – OVS Industry (part of Grippe Coin) is Italy’s largest value fashionability retailer with over 300 stores (ave store size 800sq.m.) and over 1,200 windows. The initial starting point had to be to define the OVS Industry look and feel. We worked with them for 3 seasons over a year comprising of over 20 different window solutions.

We proposed three different distinct styles with the client choosing our preferred route. Creating a visual backdrop whether an image, colour or style was the basis for holding the whole canvas together. This device would then be able to hide the various architectural window styles.

Scaled abstract elements were selected from the collection theme to be used as suspended graphics or window vinyls. Physical items with association to the theme were selected to work with the mannequins and the selected products.

For the first theme Marina, a harbour reflection scene was the backdrop with shipping references as the stand-out elements such as a propeller and lifebuoy in the seasons selected colourways. The jetty reference became the flooring along with physical references such as rope and moorings painted in a neutral white.

Branding Communication, Visual Merchandising
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