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10 Years


We took Lombok’s existing department planning format of Live, Eat, Work and Sleep and began to map the areas across the two floors to optimize the circulation and space planning for their flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, London. Preparing a 3D render of the space, we looked at the options of optimising the circulation flow. The Lower Ground floor was divided into two ‘halls’, using focal points to guide customers through the spaces. One area was created specifically for Live using large mahogany Asian 4m high doors.

The positioning of the void for the new stairwell had to be well considered to optimise the direction of the customer flow from the entrance down into the Lower Ground floor. The cash desk was moved next to the dividing partition wall to allow for an accessories department next to the positioning of the lift void to ensure the space planning of the awkwardness of the floors.

Camouflage provided the plans, elevations and sections to the main contractor and worked to ensure that the QS and PM interpreted them to meet with all CDM Regulations. The store was opened successfully to become their flagship store

Branding Communication, Store Concepts
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