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10 Years

Ideal Standard/PTS

Following on from the successful Pan-European brassware project execution for Ideal Standard International, we were approached by Ideal Standard UK to become their dedicated retail design agency on new concept spaces with their TC (Trade Counter) and SR (Showroom) clients. PTS/TP Group have been initiating a national ‘store of the future’ strategy, aligning some of the strategy from the TP formats. Ideal Standard have a strong relationship with PTS and had established themselves as lead partner in the new store concept.

Camouflage worked with the two brands and their relevant marketing departments as brand interpreters.  This was a pivotal role balancing how the brands interacted and how the guidelines should be translated. The graphics work as locating devices on the PTS trade point and corners. This gives Ideal Standard a visible standout whilst keeping in line with the entire concept.

Through merchandising strategy and space planning the solution was to design a series of modular bays allowing for flexibility. Everything from display systems, bespoke furniture, customized shelving, to graphics were individually specified. PTS had initiated an internal communication scheme which we had been given the remit to hone and enhance clarity. The graphics in PTS have been used to enhance and improve the both the Ideal Standard and PTS presence with in the showroom.

The trade point is an open counter – a departure for PTS.  We worked closely with PTS branding guidelines to reflect the sinuous modern shape within the logo.  Similarly the Information Corner needed to simplify and consolidate customer information into a modern format with interactive technology. Ideal Standard are passionate about very line item and therefore there is extensive product alignment implicit in all their briefs. Due diligence must be given within dimensions and volumetrics to ensure accuracy of merchandising and to ensure each and every product is displayed to best advantage.

Ideal Standard/PTS
Branding Communication, Furniture, Store Concepts, Visual Merchandising
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