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Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard Showroom support

In parallel with the concept team role, we were asked to become a dedicated support for their independent showroom network working with their on-the-road retail sales executive team.

In a similar capacity to our other function, we would visit an allocated SR with the team, conduct a full site audit to prepare the platform for the space and discuss in-depth with the SR owner their vision for the space. A lot of the time, the SR will be space sharing with other bathroom sector brands, so finding optimum space positioning is key – as it becomes the same as department store brand department planning.

We execute a similar scope of works as for the concept work. However we have to provide further detailed information on:

-      IS product codes per plan

-      IS brand guidelines per collection

-      IS material specifications per collection

As each SR will normally have their own dedicated fitters and tile suppliers, these files then act as the guides for each SR to plan their spaces, which can then maintain a broad brush stoke corporate housestyle for the IS brand.

Ideal Standard
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