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10 Years


The initial concept was about concealing and revealing and an inside/outside theme. The design had to be made purely of cardboard as well as being adaptable in order to be transferred into a shop in shop. Home is also branching into the watch market and wanted an interesting and eye catching watch display to be the focal point of the stand.

Creating 3D models revealed areas that could be adapted making sure the products and the stand itself fit together seamlessly allowing the graphics to create maximum impact. This produced unique and visually exciting stand that stood out from its competitors. The unusual shapes and varying levels within the stand draw the eye in and highlight the product. The graphic detail is unique to the brand and has a strong visual presence.

Running concurrently with the ISPO expo stand was a brief to create an adaptable, cardboard stand based on an ‘inside/ outside’ concept with a large feature for the client’s new watch range. The watches were the focal point of the stand and the client wanted to be able to showcase the new range while also having somewhere to sit and talk to customers. The watch tree incorporated a slim high table, concealed behind with bar stools.

The real challenge here from a design perspective is that the entire stand is going to be recycled and used for a Shop in Shop display. This makes the details even more important as only the two shorter walls will appear in the shop environment meaning they also fit together and keep the graphic story going without the back wall.

A sustainable, recycled material was used showing that a limited budget and material palette can happily result in an impressive aesthetic while being kind to the environment.

The front panel of the stand has openings revealing the graphic landscape behind and playing with the inside outside theme. A small interior window reveals a mountain scene while a cut out lamp reveals flowers and birds. Exposed brickwork allows the customer a peek at a cityscape behind. The exterior graphic makes reference to the new watches on display within the stand.

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