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10 Years

Historic Royal Palaces

St Martins shop

The existing shop has the highest number of visitors within the whole of the Tower of London’s attractions. The products range from costume jewellery to the Queen’s jeweller John Woolfe and luxury Faberge pieces. Reflecting the idea of tradition with a twist, we designed a serious of units to reflect the grandeur of the Tower, using reconditioned oak with traditional ironmongery end cap details. Due to the World Heritage status, we were not allowed to touch any walls, therefore creating a floating floor fixing all elements ingeniously to it.

Due to the nature of specifications and millimetre accuracy required for the fit-out, we worked hand-in-hand with Stopps through all of their technical setting out rod drawings to ensure that all our concept development drawings were interpreted accurately.

With the ingenious space planning gained from raising the floors in to the embrasures, the new store size was 50sq.m. an increase of 25%. The concept idea of ‘tradition with a twist’ manifested itself in a contemporary portcullis design using genuine hardwoods and blackened wrought iron fixings.

Historic Royal Palaces
Furniture, Store Concepts
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