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10 Years


We were asked to create the global Geox Christmas 2011 window campaign and to design a display that considered the brand, product and style across the whole of their retail portfolio from flagship store through to small franchise formats. The brief was to be direct, creative and simple whilst reflecting this innovative and strong brand. The solution was a polar glacial scene in a modern style with ‘icy’ display plinths and bespoke glittery penguins.

Navigating away from the traditional Christmas display, the design was inspired by a crisp polar landscape. The solution had to create immediate visual impact while still expressing the brand.

Experimentation with materials provided a subtle glittery effect. While the variety of different heights and widths amongst the plinths created a varied and interesting display. Creation of an abstract polar graphic landscape to be cropped to fit the different module sizes. Bespoke form based around a king Penguin

The Geox monochromatic colour scheme was given a sparkly update for the festive season. The design was rolled out throughout more than 2,000 stores globally with the concept being used throughout the company’s brand communication.

While the adult displays were sleek and monochromatic, the children’s displays in contrast were injected with pink and gold. The penguins in the children’s windows had a pink glittery coat. When added to the icy looking white plinths the pink and gold stood out, glowing with reflected light.

Designed to be used across varying retail spaces and to offer personalization. The design demonstrates its versatility in both the flagship stores in London and Paris down to smaller stores such as the one in Milan.

The design offered a coherent campaign to be used across differing brand communication media. The penguins were so loved by Geox that they appeared through out the store, on in store communication vouchers and LED audiovisual media. They were treated to a photo-shoot and worldwide fame on their 2011 Christmas card.


Branding Communication, Visual Merchandising
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