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10 Years


Fornarina Accessories

The addition of the accessories store in Florence was the start of a retail departure from the well-known fuchsia pink of the Fornarina brand. The introduction of two much softer tones created a more subtle canvas for the accessories displays.

Two large panels with a 3D diamond texture were sprayed to match the new colour scheme in a high gloss finish. The accessories part of the store was an addition to the existing apparel store next door and therefore it was important that the new and old palettes sit harmoniously.

The apparel side of the Florence store was small in width, the focal point of which was the denim bar showcasing the wide variety of Fornarina denim styles. The design also included bespoke gondolas.

The change in colour scheme highlights the transition from the apparel section through to the accessories section of the store. Camouflage designed new display units providing designated areas for handbags, wallets and accessories. Both modules were open and accessible making the store easy to  shop from a merchandising point of view. The dedicated shoe wall displayed merchandise in a diamond shape, inspired by the textured panels opposite. The pale wall contrasts with the black on the other walls and allows the shoes themselves to stand out.

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