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10 Years


The brief from Fornarina developed into a concept to capture the essence of a rock star with glamour and attitude, who stands-out from the crowd, who wears very self-expressive clothing.

It brought together the lifestyle of contemporary Übercool bars, boutique hotels, jet-setting holidays and celebrity aspirations. The journey begins on the VIP red carpet entrance leading her up to an iconic brand centrepiece. This is where the key image makers of the moment are on full display linking the window display into the store and helping direct her to one of 4 ‘worlds’; ‘Rock out’, ‘Denim Bar’, ‘Powder Room’ and ‘Total Look’.

The Rock Out became a highly polished red speaker wall with concealed flexible merchandise display system set into it. The Denim Bar is an eye-catching contemporary bar displaying key jean styles using dancing mannequins. The Powder Room takes references from Art Deco hotels using gold, chrome, mirrored glass and leather, combining linear forms of diamond-shaped wall panels and silver cubes. Finally the Total Look area will bring together the key styles with accessories and graphic artist merchandise. In each area there will be highly polished gold gondolas to reflect the intricacy of the crown identity.

A global result is being planned with Westfield being the flagship launch with stores across the globe to follow.

In Palermo, a high street concept to compliment the full flagship store design content. The rock star chick themed worlds were distilled down to fit within the prime high street location in the centre of Palermo. The store was almost perfectly square so our generic concept layout could be dropped onto the store plan.

Working alongside the main contractor, we amended the concept to fit within the space using columns as natural breaks for walls. The 9-metre façade allowed us to capitalise on natural light flowing into the store opening up the vistas of the themed worlds.

The concept areas were all placed into the store, with the changing rooms occupying recuperated space from the stockroom.

Fornarina wanted the opening to coincide with the launch of Westfield in order to capitalise on the new concept awareness across the UK as well as Europe. Both stores opened on time and within the allocated budget. The store since opening has far exceeded sales predications averaging €7K a day.

Similarly Fornarina wanted to create a low cost high impact store to promote the new face of fornarina – Lindsey Lohan.  Following a detailed site survey, the ‘rockstar chic’ concept had to be adapted to fit within the existing building and fittings framework. The modular wall elements dividing the space and on the back wall were adapted to house the Powder Room and Rock Out concepts as the modularity best fit them. The Total Look concept world sat on the left-hand side of the store with the Denim Bar and Rock Out on the right wall.  All concept adaptations had to use the existing unitary, so with our precise measurements, we worked remotely with the Vision Scenery on how to optimise the tight budget.

Our relationship with fornarina remains ongoing.

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