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Evoke is the new venture from Wickes and Grafton’s Sales and Operations Director, Justin Moss. Having been instrumental in the set up of Bohen he chose Camouflage to work with him on his new kitchen and bathroom showroom. The concept is to streamline the buying process for customers into navigable straightforward steps: to present the right options for each customer without limiting the oportunities open to them.

The solution was to present a number of lifestyle choice sets for both the bathroom and kitchen areas and focuss on a Creation Space. 

The brief for the bathroom pods was to create sets that were realistic in proportion, make good use of space and the were designed as a completely finished look.

As such all layouts, pod sizes and product specifications were designed by Camouflage to create realistic rooms. This included all paint, tiles and materials. Styling trends were an important consideration to reflect as many end-use customer trends as possible

Whilst the kitchen displays were finalisedby Omega, Camouflage styled the kitchens by choosing paint and wood finishes for the cupboards and worktop materials.

The full styling exercise was also employed in choosing en-vogue tiles, paint and materials.

The kitchen furniture was specified by Camouflage to create complete style driven sets – this also included the specification and sourcing of all set dressing pieces.

Evoke brand identity was developed in conjunction with branding design consultant, Emma Bristow. Designed to be strong and allow for expansion. The wayfinding and instore communication were central to best enhance customer experience.

The graphic communication aims to take the complication out of the experience of buying a kitchen or bathroom, by allowing the customer to move round the showroom and establish preferences to be refined in the creation space with all information to hand.

All the design services for the showroom were arranged into one area for both kitchens and bathrooms. Coined the Creation Space it allows the customer to see all kitchen doors, worktops and handles in a realistic setting and be able to handle them. Likewise bathroom door finishes, worktops and brassware are on offer in a similar format. This also includes all bathroom accessories.

A central console, bespoke designed by Camouflage, and made by Aspen Concepts, has huge amounts of storage allowing the entire range to be stored whilst keeping it out of sight to create a clear sight line allowing the space to remain uncluttered.

This means that the Evoke showroom is the ultimate in tailoring to the customers individual tastes and requirements, allowing a variation of mix and match to bespoke service to ensure that the customer is at the heart of the offer.



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