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10 Years



The brief was to create a window concept for Chinese New Year for Esprit in their Chinese stores. Esprit were looking for a sophisticated fashion approach which also had traditional elements.

Research into the cultural significance of the celebration was undertaken – the year of the goat – and specifically to the significance of red and gold which bring auspices of prosperity and fortune.

Budget limitations lead to a requirement for tactical use of materials to create a luxury finish on a shoe string.  All the elements are layered – the gold and the red, the goat and the organza to create a translucent, flexible pallet for all the window formats and to create a layered sumptuousness.

Instore props were used to integrate the scheme throughout the whole store.

Working closely with our graphic design consultant Emma Bristow, Camouflage established a system of stylised Chinese imagery.  A graphic interpretation of traditional chinese symbols immerged and was used throughout the store to create an overall cohesive feel.

The window concept needed to be rolled out over 114 Esprit stores in China and so was designed modularly to suit all platforms.  The layered concept ensured that differing elements of the design could be accessed depending on size and full layouts were delivered to the client for all platforms to ensure the most effective use of the design.


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