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10 Years


In 2010 we were approached by holding company DBA Apparel in Paris, to conduct a strategic and design review of the DIM and portfolio brand formats across Europe to make recommendations on commercial performance and retail dynamics. We conducted the review across European countries including Russia and East Europe. The areas covered wereP&L analysis (profit & loss), KPI analysis (key performance indicators), store audits (46 stores, full audition bra category, category mix), trading format diagnostics, international benchmarking, and shopping experience profiling.

Understanding the parameters for store performance must underpin any store review. We evaluated the overall P&L analysis into meaningful data to determine which stores were under-/over performing by unit price and ticket density and identified where on the store portfolio matrix each store by country were against gross profit % and units/m2.

Our detailed focus was specifically on bras, however whilst conducting the audits we reviewed all categories to determine and understand the following indicators: functional vs lifestyle; merchandising; price vs options densities; purchasing decisions; and price architecture.

We profiled each of the 4 key brands in order to set the parameters to evaluate the market. Our review focused on understanding how the brands sat within the core retail channels and then where each brand sat within their lifestyle positioning.

We also took each of the main international players and conducted a full format review to identify areas where the core brands should be focussed and where they could tailor the offers.

Each store in the portfolio was reviewed by specific criteria: layout; ambience; space allocation; category merchandising; presentation; and brand language

The principle focus was on the DIM format, where we created space allocation models by format and by location along with merchandising principles by category from focus product displays, linking product adjacencies and basics.

We were also asked to propose suggestions for brand islands within specific locations, whether airports, railway termini or grocery distribution

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