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10 Years


Underwear, beachwear and loungewear visual merchandising

In conjunction with the design project, we worked with Diesel’s Intimate Apparel division and VM department to align the different collections to the different modules sizes. Design and VM go hand in hand, as the design in its purity is only as good as the merchandising principles.

Our first step in the process was to create category planograms for each department. Taking each category, we broke down each range into the key principle items determining the order they should be displayed on a module along with their presentation – front or side facing. The basic principle was that the article is displayed front hanging on the front of the panel to showcase the product and the reverse side was for volume presentation.

We then were able to calculate the position for all the ferrules and concealed slotted upright bars for the retail design specifics. We also developed a series of dedicated merchandising accessories, which would allow the products to be displayed in the most flexible manner possible across all modules. This was especially important with beachwear as the variety of sizes requires a flexible system

Once the size parameters had been determined we ascertained the height ratios required for each product and micro hierarchy of range presentation. The women’s collection required more in-depth thinking, as for each range, there were different variants for tops and bottoms, which all needed to be displayed.  For example ranges such as Brave had 1 bra to 4 bottom options. We evaluated the introduction of ‘must-buy’ presentations on dedicated collections. We created differentiation through visual merchandising techniques allowing each presentation visual impact whether through a bra and pant set in 3 colour variants or 1 bra and 4 pant options in 2 colour variants.

On approval by the VM and Apparel divisions, we then completed the complete VM guidelines for the different categories creating straightforward rules to follow – presentation of the CC on front of panel; specific presentation style for UnderDenim, seasonal presentation; shelf SKU quantities by size; versatility of shelf presentation to accommodate product fluctuations.

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