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10 Years


Underwear, beachwear and loungewear consultancy

The brief for this project was to create a dynamic, functional retail solution for Diesel’s intimate apparel, beachwear and loungewear.  Working with the 3 core Diesel team, the key objective was to create a display that represents the Diesel brand and is in keeping with the rest of the interior aesthetic, a solution that could work in both new and old store environments. The aim being to present the Intimates as a considered destination rather than an afterthought.

Diesel ‘for successful living’ has remained successful due to constantly evolving and pushing boundaries.  As a brand Diesel are passionate about design and new materials, as can be seen through their many creative collaborations. We wanted to bring this through into the design of the Intimates department and standardise the format to work throughout the retail portfolio, both old and new stores and across different store types and grades.

Our project was divided into 3 sections: Consultancy, retail design and visual merchandising. Without repeating ourselves, our client testimonial explains how our work is perceived by Diesel through Bob Bayman, Shopping Experience Director for Diesel “you guys provide solutions that sit perfectly balanced between commercialism and art”.
Our starting point was to provide a snapshot of the market within the lifestyle brand category. Following on from previous experience with Emporio Armani and DBA Apparel, Goldenpoint and Lo’, we were able to use the same experience to focus on those strategic points necessary for this particular project.

In order to get an accurate snapshot we undertook a benchmarking audit across different territories to map out different international lifestyle brands such as CK, Guess, Superdry, Levi’s to understand how the specific product categories were being displayed in terms of:
-      space allocation
-      location of department
-      type of fixturing
-      module quantities
-      density of product
-      product display
-      packaging

The next stage was to consolidate all the information into an understandable report to inform the design and VM parts of the brief. Working closely with Diesel’s Intimates department we immersed ourselves in the complete product catalogue and  store grading criteria. This allowed us to visually categorise products by size, style and colour and ascertain the total amount of product to be displayed by gender.
We prepared a merchandising alignment grid breaking down this information into small, medium and large store formats so that the design and VM could meet the number of SKUs required.  All information amalgamated to provide strong foundations for the design to develop and tick the boxes for both form and function.



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