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10 Years

Lo by Lovable

Lo by Lovable are a large Italian underwear company and the brief was for Camouflage to re-design their stores in order to create a strong brand  experience.  The existing design was lacking definition and confidence in comparison to the advertising campaign and also competitors.

The result was a warm, inviting environment with a soft, payful atmosphere and a clear design language throughout.

The design evolved through the exploration of the merchandising layouts and how to maximise product but create interest visually. Many underwear stores can look messy, making them hard to shop.  The final design creates breaks in the wall and clearly groups merchandise in an easy to shop way.

The store strategy is about creating a unique and consistent design language.  In order to keep the design exciting the wall units are either small or large creating variety and the smaller feature display has curved details and a central front facing arrangement to add contrast. The neutral palette means the menswear section is not overshadowed and also grants the red window display a more subtle backdrop.  This neutrality gives a warm glow when lit.

Personalised service and customer care is an important part of the experience within the Lo store and so branded wrapping allows staff to open and reveal certain items.

Lo by Lovable
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