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10 Years


The brief here was to provide an instant sensual explosion linking the dot com name with a tangible experience. Finding the right balance so that it did not become too kitsch or too childish was important. The focal point of the store was a stylised architectural based design of a rocket in keeping with the identity. Several products were focused on as potential volume sellers – one being ‘Lifesavers’. A bespoke dispenser unit was designed to allow the volume of stock to be shown in an eye-catching way. The design allowed for the self-flowing of the product.

The graphics complimented the product without becoming the focus in the store. The direction was taken to focus on the packaging, which would be normally be seen as something small then take an element of it and blow it out of proportion. For example, Peko & Poko are 2 famous Japanese characters. Peko’s smiling face was photographed enlarged to 2m then cropped.

The concept has been so successful that the retailing business is being matched by the bricks and mortar concept. The business now has additional stores.

Branding Communication, Store Concepts
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