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10 Years


The brief was to create a new showroom format – new in the sense that it is located on the trading estate rather than in retail parks as Bohen wanted to replace their KBB format. After extensive consumer research and management consultancy a format was created aiming at 45+ women of middle positioning with the focus being a service driven offer. From pick up to delivery, 14 showrooms were required with in six months.

Divided into three departments, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms, the new showroom format was designed for a contemporary feeling of space.

Each department per showroom would allocate 5 – 6 pods to showcase different lifestyle/end use such as family bathing, wet rooms, cloaks, en suites and luxury sets. For kitchens, similarly, to reflect different styles such as contemporary, traditional, differing finishes and for bedrooms, two pods.

In total 16 generic pods were created in a shopping list approach for each geographic area.

We, along with the Market and The Refinery, a trend agency, worked hard to make the pods on trend and present a seamless omni channel with product, online presence and catalogue.

Our objective was to transport the concept into an experiential showroom experience, service assistance to the fore with ingenious design elements to engage the customer.

The shower bar is a unique sales tool for Bohen which offers a free service to determine a customer’s bar pressure and flow rate. This allows the designer and the customer to select the optimum brassware.

The kitchen creator display door colours and styles along with different counter finishes and ironmongery. The tile display condenses the full tile offer into a space efficient display using resized tiles at 150x150mm. These can then be used in the kitchen creator and the bathroom creator.

The bathroom creator has the ability to interchange taps and doors to help in a consumer colour selection.

In the kitchen area there is a working kitchen utilizing the induction hob Quooker, hot water taps, ovens, microwaves, to allow guest chefs/ suppliers to have engagement evenings so that the showroom becomes a destination for events as well as being a functional selling space.

The concept was underpinned by a design hub located no more than 4 metres from the door. The showroom staff/designers are perfectly positioned to greet customers and to determine their requirements and guide them around the showroom.










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